Important Documents In Land Transactions. (must Read)

Land transactions is virtually happening everyday in Nigeria and some people who engage in it have little or no knowledge about the legal documents involved in this transaction.

Some people commit their finances without even knowing what title document the land they are about to buy holds.

This is why some people fall into the hands of scammers who rip them off their hard earned money and sell government acquisition land to them.

Below are some very important documents in real estate and their functions.

A Survey plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land. The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor general in Lagos as it relates to survey issues in Lagos. A survey plan must contain the following information:

1. The name of the owner of the land surveyed

2. The Address or description of the land surveyed

3. The size of the land surveyed

4. The drawn out portion of the land survey and mapped out on the survey plan document

5. The beacon numbers

6. The surveyor who drew up the survey plan and the date it was drawn up

7. A stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not

Land Use Decree on the 28th of March, 1978 that vested all lands in every state of the Federation under the control of the State Governors. The Land Use Act coupled with other laws made it possible for the Governor who was now the owner of all lands in the state to actually have the power to Acquire more lands compulsorily for its own public purpose to provide amenities for the greater good of the citizens.

Fortunately, the government recognizes that indigenes of different sections of the country have a right to existence . . . a right to the land of their birth. Hence, it is customary for state government to cede a portion of land to the original owners (natives) of each area.

An Excision means basically taking a part from a whole and that part that has been excised, will be recorded and documented in the official government gazette of that state. By having it recorded into the government document, it means the land Has now been gazetted.

A Gazette is an Official record book where all special government details are spelt out, detailed and recorded

A gazette will show the communities or villages that have been granted excision and the number of acres or hectares of land that the government has given to them. It is within those excised acres or hectares that the traditional family is entitled to sell its lands to the public and not anything outside those hectares of land given or excised to them.

A Gazette is a very powerful instrument the community owns and can replace a Certificate of Occupancy to grant title to the Villagers. A community owning a gazette can only sell lands to an individual within those lands that have been excised to them and the community or family head of that land has the right to sign your documents for you if you purchase lands within those excised acres or hectares of land.

A Deed of Assignment is an Agreement between the Seller of a Land or Property and a Buyer of that Land or property showing evidence that the Seller has transferred all his rights, his title, his interest and ownership of that land to that the Seller that has just bought land.

The Deed of Assignment has been exchanged between both parties, it has to be recorded in the land registry to show legal proof that the land has exchanged hands and the public should be aware of the transaction. Such recorded Deed of Assignment come in the form of either a Governor’s Consent or Registered Conveyance.

A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) issued by the Lagos State Government officially leases Lagos land to you, the applicant, for 99 yrs. As already indicated above, all lands belong to the Government.

A C of O however is the officially recognized Document for demonstrating Right to a Land.
What happens after 99 years? That question is still subject of debate among experts. Most have adopted a wait-and-see attitude. Others postulate that as the new owner of the land, you the buyer, can renew the certificate of occupancy when it expires.

Always be 100% sure before committing your finances into any property.


50 Prophecies About Nigeria in 2018 By Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Apostle(Prof) Johnson Suleman the President and founder of Omega Fire Ministries worldwide has released the prophecies for 2018

1. Economy to get better in Nigeria in 2018

2. Year of serial bombings in Nigeria

3. Imo State Governor to make governorship a family affair

4. Donald Trumps health needs attention

5. A new strategies of killing perceived political
enemies in Nigeria will arise

6. Wildfire outbreak in an American state

7. Manhunt for Ekiti state Governor by the Federal Government of Nigeria

8. Government of Nigeria to disobey court orders

9. God says ” Let Sambo Dasuki go”

10.President Buhari to be flown abroad on emergency

11. A former Nigerian military President laid to rest

12. Many bloggers to be arrested and jailed

13. Bola Tinubu to have public showdown with President Buhari

14. Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, rest in peace

15. Political blackmail to be on the rise

16. I saw two great northern kings in open conflict

17. Church buildings collapse, tears, tears

18. EFCC boss to have major setback

19. Nollywood, new stars to take over

20. 2018 budget, Senate and presidency lockjam

21. NAFDAC to pray against fire disaster

22. Senate President To Be harassed embarrassed. Many publications and threatened arrest.

23. DSS boss, to attend to his health

24. Fresh charges against Abubakar Atiku and friends to be embarrassed

25. I saw major bombings in Egypt

26. Attempt on the life of Chief Femi Fani Kayode’s wife

27. South African Jacob Zuma to be humiliated

28. Atiku’s men will betray him

29. U.K bombings, biggest in history

30. Channels TV in court crisis

31. America, Canada, Asia, to experience hurricanes.

32. Ibe Kachikwu to be removed and replaced

33. NTA to pray against losing a top boss

34. Shoprite Lagos to beef up securities, I see a major raid.

35. I see Fulani herdsmen entering Lagos and Rivers State massively

36. Oh America, I see war in 2018

37. Let’s pray against train accident. I saw a train going out of the rail

38. I saw the naira gaining relevance

39. I see a new political party that will divide APC and PDP

40. 2019, power will not move from the North

41. I see serious politics against Osibanjo

42. Nigeria pray against air crash

43. I saw a young Nigerian musician experiencing major media attack sponsored by a fellow musician of same genre

44. Kardashian family, topsy-they in 2018

45. I see some Nollywood stars permanently leaving Nigeria for better opportunities

46. 2018, the year of the Army. So much military presence and control

47. Good luck Jonathan should pray not to be bereaved

48. Nnamdi Kanu to be embarrassed both locally and internationally

49. God will give people good health and there will be cure to incurable diseases

50. I see a group rising in the North and asking for their own nation. It’s political

These 6 Tips Will Help You Get An Ideal Job in 2018.

Has 2017 been hard on you? You get any luck on the job font yet? What could be the problem? Well, no one can say for sure that you haven’t gotten a job because of something you did or didn’t do. This is why we should be careful about our dos and don’ts in preparation for the coming year. We need to ensure that we’ve done everything humanly possible on our part to get a great job

First let’s review our resume
A few people have been using the same resume they typed about 3 years ago for all the jobs they’ve been applying for. You need to keep your resume updated keeping up with the constantly changing economic world. Sit down and look at your resume; strike out what needs to be stricken out and add what needs to be added.

Go over your skills; soft and hard skills
Each employer or recruiter has a set of skills they require for their job postings. You need to keep up with the flow. Brush your skills up and pick new skills if necessary depending on what employers need. Go over the skills you can offer an employer. Make a list of it so you know which jobs to apply for.

Create a significant online presence
It’s no news that the world has gone digital. Most recruiters go out of their way to search for their potential employee online. This is why you need to have a significant online presence. Set your Facebook and other social media pages that may contain inappropriate material or too much info about you to private. Also sign up for LinkedIn and create a detailed profile.

Don’t give up

It’s tiring submitting your CV/resume from place to place, getting your hopes up, only to have it crash down again. The experience is really daunting. However, don’t give up! Quitting is for losers. Keep going. Keep hanging on. Something will surely turn up soon.

Know what you want and go for it
It is common practice for people to apply for ‘any’ job out of desperation to get a job. Just because you need to pay bills, don’t lose sight of your career goals. Don’t just apply anywhere. Apply for jobs that tally with your skills, qualifications and goals.

Don’t forget networking;
Learn to be flexible on your job search. Job postings don’t always have to be online, you could hear about a great opportunity from relatives or other people within your network circle. Someone might even recommend you for a job opening at the company where they work or somewhere else. The truth is that with the way Nigeria is headed, it will be so much better if you can get someone on the inside of the company you’re applying at. Having someone on the insider increases your chances of getting the job. This Christmas season might be a great opportunity to network.

When these tips do work for you, as they will, don’t forget that you have a choice in this matter. Just because you’re being offered a job doesn’t mean you should jump on it. Take time to go through the offer and ensure that it suits all your needs both career wise, physically and financially. Get started now and who knows? You might be starting 2018 with a new job.

What Nigeria Will Look Like in 2018.

by ‘Emeka Anyasi,

On the first day of 2018, as it is with every new year, the temptation is to dream big — to fantasise about sudden turnarounds of poverty to wealth, sadness to happiness, suffering to delirium.

It’s a time when self-appointed men of God, latching on to the propensity of the people to romanticise the future, declare all good and no bad on the nation. This is a clear-cut warning: as far as expectations of a people from the government go, 2018 will be a worse year than 2017 — possibly the worst in recent years. The government has done enough in 2017 to offer us a glimpse of what to expect in 2018. There will be no surprises. No one needs to be clairvoyant to see this.

Government is a continuum not just in terms of faithfulness to policies in the face of changing governing personnel, but also in the performance of a government from year to year. Technically, the only New Year’s Day in the life of any government is its ascension to power or its consolidation (in the form of re-election).

Therefore, expect this government to begin the 2018 exactly, if not worse than, the way it ended 2017. And how did the Muhammadu Buhari administration end 2017? Scandalously!
This government saved arguably the biggest embarrassment of its tenure for the last days of the year, naming eight dead people among the 1,457 appointed to the boards of scores of government and public institutions.

Not only that, some names were duplicated on the list, while the government still managed to name four to the board of the National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO), Itakpe, Kogi State — a company it privatised through concession back in 2016! This was an appointment that should have been made in 2015; two years on, it was still bungled. Therefore, in 2018, don’t expect a government that is suddenly tidy; it will continue to be tardy in the execution of the people’s mandate.

In 2018, expect a government that doesn’t take responsibility — so long we have a Garba Shehu who defends the ‘ghost appointments’ by saying; “There is nothing scandalous or extraordinary about what has happened. This list is a historical list. It dates back to 2015.” His current statement is an inkling of future statements. So, expect, in 2018, a government that blames the country’s problems on everyone else but itself.

In 2018, expect more job losses. This is no doomsday prophecy. In any case, I haven’t said anything new. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), The unemployment rate, induced by a recession, typically peaks about 15 to 18 months after the beginning of a recession or four to eight months after the end of a recession before it returns to its pre-recession trend.” It was in September 2017 that Nigeria officially exited the economic recession it entered in August 2016. “Four to eight months” from September spills into 2018; the job cuts that accompanied the recession won’t suddenly disappear on January 1, 2018.

A change of dates doesn’t automatically spell the end of the ongoing fuel scarcity. Both government and the marketers have been coy about the hard decisions that have to be taken. It is either pump price of fuel is raised to at least N171/litre or government pays a subsidy of roughly N26/litre to retain the current price. But as it stands, government doesn’t want to pay subsidy on petrol, and marketers are averse to importing for sale at N145/litre.

NNPC typically imports only 20% of the country’s petrol consumption; there’s no chance it can suddenly cope with the burden of sole importation. How wrong therefore, it is to misconstrue the current fuel shortage for a Yuletide affair! Unless the outstanding questions are answered, it’s new year, renewed fuel crisis!

Finally, expect a year when the wheels of governance grind at the very slowest. It’s election year! In his first year in office, Buhari waited six months before appointing his ministers.

That delay still hurts his administration till date, as it left investors scared of Nigeria and engaging in guesswork about the policy directions of the country, and is partly to blame for the fuel scarcity of September to December 2015. This year, with a grueling electioneering to come, expect a litany of delayed appointments. Expect the budget to suffer its worst implementation level since Buhari’s ascendancy to power.

The 21 percent implementation of the capital component of the 2017 budget is the lowest in five years; no one needs a soothsayer to know that the ignominious record will be shattered in 2018. The executive will be too busy seeking re-election to oversee substantial budget implementation.

How many important events happened in 2017 that Buhari was unaware of? Abdulrasheed Maina’s recall, the Ibe Kachikwu-Maikanti Baru feud, the fuel scarcity? Expect many more in 2018, because his health will be stretched by the hectic campaign schedule, and you can be sure that governance — not the campaign — will be the sacrificial lamb.

In short, the masses will not experience significant upgrade in the standard of living this new year. Instead, it will plummet. But the good news — the only one in a gloomy 2018 outlook of the country — is that the socioeconomic advancement of the people is not wholly in the care of government. There will be individual success stories.

Nigerians must know, in 2018, that they can succeed in spite of the underwhelming federal leadership. To continue hoping against hope for the hurriedly-promised change is to set oneself up for heartbreak at the end of the new year. In 2018, Nigerians can succeed — but they will have to do it without their government!

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Floyd Mayweather v McGregor

In the next few hours we shall be witnessing another fight between middle-weight boxing champions Floyd Mayweather v McGregor ; Mayweather is the presumed winner becausr he is a more experienced fighter ; until then let’s wait and see. More updates to come after the fight.

1. Your wife is not perfect, forgive her.
2. Your wife is the bone of your bone, do not
break her.
3. Your wife is a gift, appreciate her.
4. Your wife is a rare gem, guide her jealously.
5. Your wife is your best friend, be friendly with her.
6. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.
7. Your wife is to be cherished, be cheerful to her.
8. Your wife is your portion, cherish her.
9. Your wife is not a devil, don’t dump her. 10. Your wife is not only good for sex, carry her along in every issue.
11. Your wife is not your enemy, encourage her.
12. Your wife is not a family material, never
commit her unto the hands of your family
13. Your wife is not your rival, don’t compete with her.
14. Your wife is a female gender, honor her.
15. Your wife is not common, don’t compare her.
16. Your wife is not a wash hand basin, stop
abusing her.
17. Your wife is a weaker vessel, handle her with care.
18. Your wife is a beautiful queen, celebrate her.
19. Your wife is not a fighter, don’t fight her.
20. Your wife is not a punching bag, don’t beat her.
21. Your wife is not a game, don’t play her.
22. Your wife needs foreplay, dont rape her.
23. Your wife is a hook, get hooked to her.
24. Your wife is all you love,praise her.
25. Your wife is important, honor her.
26. Your wife is what u make her to be, accept her.
27. Your wife is your joy, pursue her.
28. Your wife needs your honor, never embarrass her in the public.
29. Your wife is not a knife, be nice to her.
30. Your wife is a distinct personality, never compare her to any work.
31. Your wife is loyal, don’t be suspicious of her.
32. Your wife is not a fool, listen to her advice.
33. Your wife is not malicious, do not keep malice with her.
34. Your wife is the best friend you can have, befriend her.
35. Your wife is not a napkin, do not misuse her.
36. Your wife is not your house girl, support her in the kitchen.
37. Your wife is passionate, do not by- pass her.
38. Your wife is very important to you, do not abandon her.
39. Your wife is a queen, do not quarrel with her.
40. Your wife is not the only owner of the sit, help her to baby sit.
41. Your wife is reasonable, do not under- rate her.
42. Your wife is your responsibility, provide for her.
43. Your wife is yourself, do not separate her bed.
44. Your wife is number one in your life, prioritize her
45. Your wife is your treasure, jealously guide her.
46. Your wife needs your help, help her.
47. Your wife needs your full attention, do not give it to T.V set.
48. Your wife is valuable, add more value to her.
49. Your wife is your crown, do not abandon her.
50. You will account to God about your wife, handle her with care.
She may be or seem fragile, but is strong. God bless our wives, mothers & and; daughters.
*that’s the end*

12 Delicious plates of Jolof Rice.

If you are a lover of jollof rice, then you would definitely love this. These plates of jollof rice could give you a satisfaction that is better than having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. However, if you can get a plate of jollof rice like this and a girlfriend or boyfriend, you are super lucky. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter delicious plates of jollof rice you need to try Jollof rice is a well-loved meal in Nigeria, this is most families’ special meal. Apart from it being served during special programmes and events, it could also be cooked daily depending on the readiness of the cook. The ingredients for making this meal is readily available; however, the culinary skills of the cook would make this food come out in a great way. The plates of jollof rice that would be displayed here would no doubt leave you salivating and inspire you to get creative the next time you set out to make this delightful meal. Find below some plates of jollof rice that would make you hungry:
1. Awesome Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry This plate of jollof rice is capable of making one sign a blank cheque. READ ALSO: Things you should never do to please a man
2. Tempting Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry You do not want to miss a plate of rice like this.
3. Yummy Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry We are sure you would choose this plate of jollof rice over a date. Missing a meal like this would leave you with a feeling of guilt forever. An opportunity lost may never be regained.
4. The jollof rice full of love Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry Foodland fairy is definitely bae. This plate of jollof rice would be fought over if it were to be shared.
5. Delicious Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry Calm down and stop salivating; this could have been you but laziness and procrastination would not let you cook this.
6. Even when it is plain Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry You can bet that some people would choose this over a guy even though there is no meat on it. This plate of goodness will definitely awaken the hunger in you. READ ALSO: See photos of this pregnant 59-year-old woman
7. The jollof rice with a reward Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry Eating this kind of jollof rice would no doubt leave you fulfilled. What more could you ask for at the moment?
8. Bright and yummy Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry If you miss eating a plate of jollof rice like this, that is a carry over worth twenty-four units.
9. Jollof rice and shrimps Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry What more could you want from life if you have a plate of this jollof rice placed in front of you after a long day at work? This is a wonderful meal.
10. Bon appetite Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry This is the kind of meal that would make you snitch on your friends. Even though there is love in sharing, you would want to feel this goodness of this meal alone. There would be time for story telling.
11. Jollof rice on point Share on Facebook Share on Twitter plates of jollof rice that would leave you hungry This is so perfect; the kind of food you devour without calling much attention to yourself. Chop and clean mouth. READ ALSO: Foods Nigerians missed greatly when tomato was scarce
12. Wonderful meal Share on Facebook Share on Twitter delicious plates of jollof rice you should try A plate of food like this could make anyone steal. This is no doubt a delightful meal.

Rio Olympics Nigeria v Japan

Nigeria’s player Oghenekaro Etebo (8) celebrates the team’s third goal against Japan during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games men’s First Round Group B football match Nigeria vs Japan, at the Amazonia Arena in Manaus on August 4, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / RAPHAEL ALVES

Oghenekaro Etebo scored four goals for the Nigeria U-23 team as the Dream Team VI got off to a winning start in the men’s football event of the Rio Olympics; beating Japan 5-4 early Friday morning at the Amazonia Arena in Manaus.

Many had feared for the worst for the Nigerian team who only arrived in Manus few hours to kickoff after a chaotic travel arrangement saw the Dream Team VI holed up in Atlanta, Georgia, for almost four days.

But all the crisis that plagued the team were momentarily suppressed for 90 minutes as the Coach Samson Siasia-tutored side dug deep for victory.

It was Sadiq Umar that scored the first goal for Nigeria in the 6th minute off a rebound from an earlier shot from Imoh Ezekiel.

Unfortunately, Nigeria were pegged back within 100 seconds as Stanley Amuzie handed Japan an easy route back into the game when he committed a needless penalty and veteran Shinzo Koroki scored the equaliser for his team.

In a rather dramatic version, Nigeria were back in front and it was Etebo who scored the first of his four goals on the night as he masterfully controlled a cross from Shehu Abdullahi before slotting the ball in to the net.

The lead for Nigeria was short-lived yet again as slack defending saw Japan pull level this time through Takumi Minamino in the 13th minute.

After that, the goal rush was paused as both teams settled into the game and became more cautious.


That nonetheless, three minutes before half time Etebo ensured that Nigeria had the lead going in for the break as he made the most of the comical defending from the Japanese who failed to clear their line and gave him a second chance to tuck the ball into the net

The bad situation got worse for Japan barely five minutes into the second half as Nigeria doubled their lead when Umar was brought down in the box and the penalty awarded was buried in the net by Etebo to complete his hat trick.

The former Warri Wolves striker capped up a wonderful performance for Nigeria scoring the fifth goal from over 25 yards in the 66th minute having seen the Japan goalkeeper leave his line to clear an earlier cross from Captain Mikel Obi.

Japan were by no means willing to let go of the three points on offer and thus kept pressing on the weak Nigeria defence which was susceptible all through and while their efforts yielded two more goals it was not enough to deny Nigeria victory.

With the win, Nigeria are top in Group B after the first round of games as the other match between Sweden and Colombia ended 2-2.